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Fog lamp

Indicates illumination of rear fog lights.


Seat Belt reminder

This warning light is active as long as you haven’t fastened your seatbelts.


Brakes System alert light

When your vehicle is running on a low brake fuel level, this light comes on.


Engine cooling system light

This comes on when there is a possibility of your engine getting overheated. You need to stop the vehicle immediately.


Airbag system

The light informs the driver that a passenger air bag has been switched off manually.


Battery Warning

When the voltage level is below normal, this light comes on. You would require professional help in order to resolve this problem.


Open doors indicator

As the name suggests, in case one of the doors (including the hood) is not shut properly, the light goes on.


Transmission Temperature

When illuminated, you will need to check transmission fluid level and engine coolant level.


Hazard warning lights

This light is activated when you need to indicate that there is a problem with your vehicle to other drivers.

Engine oil pressure warning

When there is a loss of oil pressure, this light comes on.


Oil Change Reminder

As the name suggests, this light is illuminated when you would require to change your fuel.


ABS Warning Light

The ABS warning light indicates there is a malfunction in your ABS braking system. Professional help is required as it might switch off other warning lights.


Power Steering system

It indicates malfunction in your steering system.


Engine Management Light

This light illuminated when the engine computer has limited power output. Professional help needs to be sought to correct the engine management system.


Warning Light

This light illuminates along with other warning lights when there is any problem with your vehicle.


Bulb Failure

This light comes on when one or more lights are not functioning properly.


AWD light

This light comes on when the All Wheel Drive system is activated.


Low fuel light

When there is an urgent requirement of fuel, this light turns on.


ESP Fault:

It indicates a malfunction with the vehicle's electronic stability system.

Tyre Pressure Monitor

In case of low air pressure or a sensor malfunction, the TPMS (TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) light comes on. If your vehicle doesn’t have the option to rest the light, you would require professional help.


Child safety lock

Switch on this light to activate child safety lock.


Rear window defrost

You can switch on this light when you need to clear your window for better view.


Windshield defrost

You can switch on this light when you need to clear your front windscreen.


Cruise Control light

This light comes on if you have activated the cruise system.


For diesel engines


Glow Plug

This light, found only on diesel vehicles, becomes illuminated when the engine’s glow plugs warm up. Do not start the engine until the light goes off.


Diesel Exhaust Fluid Light

This light turns on when your diesel exhaust fluid reservoir is low on fluid


DPF Light

This light indicates that you would need to service your vehicle as the diesel exhaust particulate filter has malfunctioned.



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With the advancement of technology, the automobile industry has come up with various safety measures for yours and your co-passengers’ security, one of them being the provision of dashboard warning lights.


Before you take the front seat, take a look at the list below to know what various dashboard warning lights indicate.

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Understanding dashboard warning lights

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